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"If you can put a few sentences together, there is a market for your skills. Regardless of your experience level or background, I will show you how to find the writing jobs that will pay you - I guarantee it"

-- Rob Ferrall

Friday, 3:05pm

Fellow Writer,

Their cries can be heard around the globe - internet marketers, website owners, and online business owners have megaphones raised to the sky, shouting aloud in unison:

"We need writers!"

Do you hear that call?

There's a saying that has penetrated and now permeates the online marketplace - "Content is King". Maybe you have heard this now ancient adage yourself. The truth of the matter is that content is king, and because of this - the demand for freelance writing services is at an all-time high.

See - online businesses, individuals, and large corporations have come to realize that on the internet, written content is the very foundation of their business. It's how they relate with their customers, it's how they attract search engines, and it's how they sell their products and services. In fact, written content is so important because -

Without fresh and unique content, online businesses will die a slow and painful death

It's a grim picture for today's online business owners who do not have a steady flow of fresh, new content. This is where you come in. Now is the time for you to step in, now is the time for you to capitalize on this growing need - now is the time that you can start to make money by providing writing services for these desperate business owners.

"But...but...but... I don't have any writing experience - I'm new"

Even if you have zero experience in the writing field, that's ok. In fact, this will probably work in your favor in the long run. Established "for print" writers oftentimes have a hard time transitioning to the online writing field. The audience is different, the writing style is different, and the pay is less than they're accustomed to.

In some ways, being an inexperienced writer gives you a huge advantage - you do not have to "re-learn" a skill, you will learn the secrets of online writing while you're getting paid to do it!

You do not have to be a great writer to get paid, you don't even have to be a good writer - if you can write at an eighth grade level or better, you can make money online as a freelance writer

Here's the bottom line - most website owners do not care about your freelance writing history, they do not care if you have a writing degree, and most do not even care if you have no references whatsoever:

The majority of today's content publishers need content that works for them, period.

  • You can get paid, even if you have no writing experience
  • You can write for money, even if you do not live in the USA
  • Get paid to write in any online market that you choose
  • You literally will be able to "cherry pick" through writing jobs
  • Hundreds of new writing jobs available every single day
  • Young or old, writing opportunities are available right now!

Here is what others had to say about the Daily Writing Jobs report:

Rob Canyon


The Writing Jobs Report was an amazing insight into how to make money online supporting world wide website owners looking for well written reports.

Every point is covered, thankfully by you... a veteran writer that continues to make his living writing internet articles and reports for clients around the world.

For any writer looking to make an easy $150 per day this report shows them exactly what to do. Best of all its written very clearly, which no doubt is a testament to all you do for clients.

Just the one RSS section that shows a writer how to get set up to receive email alerts of new writing jobs as they're being requested real-time is worth its weight in gold.

Rob Canyon

I was lucky to receive a review copy of Rob's Daily Writing Jobs Report. All I can say is great work!

This is an excellent starting point for those who are looking to start a writing career online. It can be frustrating for new writers to try to find writing opportunities that pay enough money to live. But Rob uses his experience to let writers know that they don't have to settle for jobs that pay just $1 an article.

The Daily Writing Jobs Report is more than just a list of resources to find online writing jobs. It is a complete primer for the new writer.

As a seasoned writer myself, I didn't expect to find anything I didn't know. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the tips starting on page 15. They shed new light on a seemingly simple process.

I recommend this book to anyone who's ever wondered how they can get started writing from home.

Shannon Tani - Honolulu, HI

Getting started in the online writing field can be overwhelming for new writers. Quite honestly, trying to make it on your own can be confusing, overwhelming and even so difficult that you give up on your dreams to make money in the writing field. Do not give up. You can make money online as a freelance writer, and I am going to show you how to realize your dream today:

You do not have to struggle along or find your way on your own - I will take you by the hand and show you how to find the writing jobs that will pay you, regardless of your previous writing experience

My report will show you how to get started as a freelance writer and how to find writing jobs online that work for you based on your skills and at your pace. Whether you are looking for a part-time writing gig or a full-time writing career - you are just minutes away from getting started on your path to success.

Get started today with my No Risk Guarantee:

I am so confident that this report will work for you that I am giving you a full 6 months to try things out for yourself. If at any time during the next 6 months you feel that this report is not worth every penny that you've paid for it - shoot me an email and I will refund your full purchase price.

Seriously - who else will give you a full 6 months to try their system out without risk? I'm living proof that my system works, and I'm so sure that it will work for you that I am giving you a full half-a-year to test it for yourself.

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If you have any questions - feel free to send me an email and I'll get back in touch with you as soon as I can.

Good luck, and I hope to see you on the other side.

-- Rob Ferrall

P.S. - Be sure to signup for my notification updates list once you've downloaded your report. I'm in the process of putting together some new material for this report - and you do not want to miss out on my new video section.

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